What's the easiest way to move a rest in a measure?

• Aug 20, 2020 - 17:50

Across many parts in a group of measures, I need to move a quarter rest from the end of a 5/4 measure, to the beginning. So far, I can do this... using perhaps 6 steps. For each part. For each measure. Is there a way to just grab the rest and move it (I've tried, it won't move 'backwards' in the measure).

ex. I need to change what's seen in Violin I to what's seen in Violin II.


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In the future, keep in mind, MuseScore really works with sound, not silence. You say you wanted to move the rest earlier, but what you really wanted was to move the notes later. It matters because paste replaces what was there previously, so you generally want to paste sound onto silence, not vice versa (unless the goal is simply to delete the notes, in which case better to do that directly).

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