Improving access to Text Styles menu

• Aug 21, 2020 - 15:51

It'd be nice if MS3 showed Text Styles as a separate submenu under Format, as in MS2. Every time I want to change a Text Style, I now need more keystrokes:

  1. Alt-O
  2. Return
  3. Hold down arrow to reach the very bottom of the list where Text Styles are.

Alternatively, is there a way that would allow using the up arrow to quickly go to the bottom of the Style dialog list, e.g. from Score to Text Styles? For example, this can be done with the main file menus: I can press Alt-F and up arrow just once to quit the application.

I also really miss being able to press Alt-S to access the styles menu. Somehow Alt-O for "Format" has never clicked for me.


Originally it was seen as an improvement to collect all styles in one place, but I do kind of agree the text styles seem somehow different. On the other hand, I virtually never use this dialog, since it is almost always easier to adjust text style settings in the Inspector. Only case where I'd ever normally try to use the dialog is for creating a new template where I want to adjust a lot of text styles at once, which I do maybe once or twice a year at most.

As for navigating the list of styles, like most lists, it responds to typing. So a few presses of "T" gets you there.

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