Sound Bug(?)

• Aug 25, 2020 - 07:50

I decided to write about this again because some people said it's the software's problem because it happens every time it's open only.

Whenever I open Musescore on Manjaro OS, the sound seems to stay 2-4 seconds behind my actions and the monitor. It affects everything else that has to do with sound and sometimes you can also hear white noise when Discord is open along with it. Bizarre right? The white noise would occur in Ubuntu too but it would fix after a period of having Musescore open...

I'm really not sure what causes it... And Manjaro said that it downloaded all dependencies that Musescore required.


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Okay... AppImage seems to be in worse state for me: It cannot open.

Okay backstory: Before downloading the AppImage version I already had the one from the package manager (pacman) installed. It supposedly also installed all dependencies as I said. And then I downloaded AppImage to check if the problem occurs there too. At first I tried opening it and it didn't work, I had to mark it as executable. Then I executed it and it started with the "setup wizard" (it's called like that right?) but it froze as soon as it opened the windows (which says whether you would like to send anonymous reports or not). And so I closed the window. After that I tried reopening it again but it didn't work. I also reinstalled it but still couldn't open it.

I also tried removing the version from the package manager but didn't work yet again.

I uploaded a new score & the sound is like 3-4s delay from the speed that the synthesizer inside musescore is moving! How to resolve it? No technical support given on their side. I tried using different computers, build in speakers, external speakers(via cable connection). None of it helped.

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