playing piano keyboard in real time and having Musescore correctly notate

• Aug 25, 2020 - 18:54


I am trying to play my composition in real-time on my digital piano which is coupled to Musescore via a MIDI cable. I find the score comes out messed up on Musescore. Most notes are double notated. Sometimes, separate notes become chords, rhythm is wrong, etc. (Two heads of the same note on one stem .) What can I do to get a proper notation of my score? I do not want to choose a note value for each note. I want to play the whole piece in real-time. I want the software to figure out my rhythm.



This is really an incredibly difficult AI problem, the chances of getting something truly readable are close to zero. But, to get the best results you can, try recording your performance in a MIDI sequencer (perhaps your keyboard has one built in), save as a MIDI file, then import. Results will be better than trying to notate in real time. But it will still likely require more work to fix up than to simply enter normally, just due to the inherent complexity of the task.

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Oh sure, plenty of programs, including MuseScore, can do something kind of sort of like that. but the results will be pretty much guaranteed to not actually be readable except in the most simplified cases or cases that are carefully contrived for demo purposes (eg, notice how in the video there is hardly ever anyone playing more than one note at a time, and when they do, that's exactly where it starts to break down). You're welcome to try, but don't get your hopes up.

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