Courtesy key signature missing before repeat

• Aug 25, 2020 - 21:27

Measure 82 of the attached file should show a courtesy key signature before the repeat. An earlier request for this feature was supposedly implemented, but it is not working correctly. I first observed the problem with 3.4.2 and I verified that the issue persists in last night's 3.5 appimage build.

It is unclear whether I should be creating an issue in the issue tracker or reporting this bug here; the bug reporting process is understandably not built for easy assimilation of people who have rarely reported MuseScore bugs before, so thanks in advance for guidance.


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How do we understand that it is not a regression? The issue you linked claims that the feature was implemented and I guess there is discussion there about whether it actually worked in the first place but I can't understand how the discussion was resolved. Is there a description somewhere of what was already implemented and what more needs to be implemented for the feature to work? I'm having trouble understanding what behavior is currently expected, hence I don't know whether this is a regression or a feature request.

Right now we definitely do not automatically check what the ke is where the repeat goes back to, so that explains why no courtesy key signature is added. It should indeed be possible to add one manually, but the reality is, it's not at all obvious how. Luckily, in your case it's not as bad as it could be, and that's because really your Coda should be in C minor as well. Adding a C minor key sig their gives you the courtesy, but it's on the song side of the repeat bar. But, you can disable autoplace for it and move it to the left, then add leading space to the repeat barline, both using the Inspector.

As for the basic process: I usually recommend people post about possible bugs (or in this case, really more of a missing feature) here on the forums so we can discuss to be sure there is a consensus on whether it is a bug or missing feature or perhaps just a misunderstanding, also if there is also an issue on the topic. Then, once it seems there is agreement and issue report is called for, you can go to the issue tracker and create one.

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