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• Aug 30, 2020 - 21:16

I tried to cover up half of a measure with a white rectangle, but when I exit the application and reenter, the white rectangle disappeared. Is there any way to keep it there?


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That's definitely something you need to make a white rectangle for. The 1/4 notes in staves 2 & 3 make splitting the measure not an option.

How did you make the white rectangle. That's why I wanted to see your score. There are at least a couple of ways I could imagine doing it off the top of my head, each one with it's unique issues to look for to ensure the rectangle doesn't move after it's been placed. The number one thing to consider is that anything you do to change the measures on that system (line with those 3 staves) may cause the rectangle to move. Do everything on that system (notes, text etc.) then select the last measure on the system and press enter. This will put a system break at the end of the line to keep it from adjusting when you add notes to later measures. After this, place the rectangle where you want it. If there's still problems then attach the .mscz score and someone can look at it and give advice.

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I suggest:
1 add a plain line from the line palette to extend over the part of the score you want to cover,
2 increase its thickness to something around 4.5 sp,
3 move it to cover the required area by adjusting the y offset, and possibly its x offset.
4 change its colour to white.

This has the advantage that the line moves and scales during further edits.

See attached. L'oiseau_de_feu-blank.mscz

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