New transcription project: English Art Song

• Sep 1, 2020 - 12:47

You may already know about the OpenScore Lieder Corpus and its growing library of nearly 800 songs for Voice and Piano:
For the first half of 2020 we concentrated on transcribing songs by women composers, and now it's time for the next project!

Today sees the launch of our latest venture: making transcriptions of works from the English Art Song repertoire (19th and 20th century songs to start with). If you would like to help us by transcribing a song, you can ask for a work to be assigned to you as the transcriber. Just leave a comment on the spreadsheet, with your MuseScore ID in the Username column - a right-click brings up the Comment option:

There is a MuseScore group for the Lieder Corpus project:

Our team of reviewers (@DanielR, @mike320, @pental, @ashmoggs) will be ready to help you with any questions, and if you have an account on Telegram you can ask questions online in this lively group of transcribers and reviewers:

Do join us!


As time remains sparse I will not join, but I just want to make this small post to express my admiration and commend all of you for the effort in making these high quality transcriptions.

Keep going at it and thank you!

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We understand that not everyone has time to contribute to the project directly. The work you and others do contributing to the program makes this project easier and I'm quite grateful for that work. It wouldn't be happening without MuseScore.

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