MuseScore tones / audio coming out on an external keyboard.

• Sep 3, 2020 - 18:32

Hello everyone!
Could you kindly guide me about the possibility for MuseScore tones / audio to play on my Yamaha PSR S650 keyboard?
If so, what procedures or settings should I perform?
Because in other programs like Sibelius and Finale, Cakewalk the process happens in a normal way. But at MuseScore so far I haven't been able to learn!
Thank you!


In reply to by Jojo-Schmitz

Hello Jojo!
I thank you for the guidance and teaching. I did not say in a previous message: I am using a USB cable from the computer to the keyboard. However, I was not successful in the procedure, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. But from the keyboard to MuseScore it's great! I can write my songs with the keyboard saving a little bit of the mouse.

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