Adding second voice problem

• Sep 3, 2020 - 19:24

I want to add a second voice to the first measure.
The printed version looks a bit weird. It has added the second voice to the treble clef while the bass clef staff is empty without even a rest.
So far I select the measure, select voice 2, and back to voice 1. Is there a shorter way to insert a new voice 2?
Then I edit the second voice. So good this far.
However, in this case the second voice falls 1/16th note short of a full measure.
Changing the lengths of rests won't do it. There is always one 1/16th rest/note missing.
Looks like a bug to me.

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What you are describing sounds like cross-staff notation it looks like voices but the empty staff leads me to believe I'm correct. It's not unheard of to make a rest at one end of the measures that's been moved invisible.

I have moved the second voice to the bass staff, which has in the first two measures 1/4th notes only.
I am still puzzled though with the missing 1/16th note when using the second voice in the treble staff.
Try adding a second voice. You should notice.

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It seems the missing rest at the start of the measure has been deleted. You can put it back again by positioning the entry point at the start of the measure then in note entry mode, select voice 2 and enter the rest as you would anywhere else.

It is a very common practice in piano music to not show rests for all voices to reduce clutter. Rests in voice 2 can be deleted unlike those in voice 1 where it would be necessary to make unneeded rests invisible.

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