Autosave not working

• Sep 4, 2020 - 00:02

Ok, I've been a long-time Musescore user, and generally, it's been pretty good. Today, I was working in Musescore and it crashed (which happens 4-5 times per week by the way), and I wasn't really too worried because I figured that my autosave was on and I had set it to save every minute. So, I re-open Musescore and my last four hours of work were gone.

So I checked back in Preferences to see if my autosave was on, and sure enough, it was still on and set to save every minute. I'm really pissed off right now, anyone have any solutions?


Autosave doens't save your copy of the file, so if you literally went four hours without ever once saving, then it's normal your file would not contain that work. The autosave file goes in a special place as shown above, your own file is never modified, for your protection. Normally MuseScore would offer to open the autosave file file for you after a crash, but it sounds like you might have accidentally declined. The autosave file should still be there, though, so looking for it manually should help.

In the future, though, you should not be relying on autosave like this - it's for emergency recovery only and doesn't not actually save your own copy of the file. You need to do that yourself, and you should do it often.

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