Make accent and staccato, inserted separately, work

• Sep 5, 2020 - 20:35

I wanted to have both staccato and accent on playback but only see accent on the score... It seems like I cannot hear those notes play properly though... Could there be a workaround? Like being to hide only accent or staccato mark on the "staccato+accent" palette item.


Add both, make the staccato invisible. Not sure exactly how you want it to playback, but you can use the Inspector to toggle the Play property of one or the other, or use the Piano Roll Editor to tweak further, or one of BSG's articulation plugins.

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The truth is that I'm doing a transcription of a piece and the notes indicate accent, but I thought it will sound closer to how some recordings sound so I pu it some staccatos (eventually did not work I think)...

But if the other things solve the problem I'll try them..

Wait when you mean you hear the accent, you hear only it or you hear both staccato and accent?

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For me I hear the accent, not the staccato. As I said, if I wanted to tell someone to play loud and short, I'd simply use marcato instead of messing with multiple articulations, If for some reason I needed to notate it that way and needed the playback to be different than the default, I'd use the tools I mention to customize it.

I just thought... why won't all markings play at the same time? Well accent+staccato is a special case but what about accent+pizzicato or such? Well that's mostly for the playback, I know... I haven't looked at how to solve it yet... and inspector doesn't help: it will either play the one or the other... I thought the piano roll was just another way of notating, it's not just that? Perhaps there's no need for a change if there's an easy way... (ok I brag about this "fix" a lot)

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