Had to revert to MuseScore 3.3.4 to continue playing my scores.

• Sep 6, 2020 - 21:49

I'm not sure how to report a single bug here, there we just so many bugs with MuseScore 3.5 on my system.

After updating to MuseScore 3.5, I found that my scores did not play back the same at all.

1) Chord symbols played, even though I had written out exactly the notes that I wanted to be played.

2) I noticed that in the release notes, it said an option had been added to preferences to determine whether to play the chords. I spent about an hour looking for such a preference, and could not find it. I tried things with similar names, but the chords always played.

3) Notes were no longer played while I was editing. I checked all the preferences, and there were some options about playing chords while editing, but not playing notes while editing. I could not regain the ability to hear notes while I was editing.

4) I have a "Presonus AudioBox USB 96", and I have always been able to use MuseScore with or without it, as long as I plugged it in or unplugged it while MuseScore was closed. This is no longer true.

-- If I start MuseScore while Presonus is not plugged in and audio is set to internal speaker, Musescore had play button grayed out.

-- If if had Presonus AudioBox plugged in while starting MuseScore 3.5, there was a funny click noise whenever Musescore started playing and horrible raspberry sound when it stopped playing.

After resetting preferences, the behavior changed in that Musescore started hanging and crashing whenever I tried to play.

So, I uninstalled it in order to reinstall. However, the search found the version in the Microsoft Store, which turned out to be version 3.3. It works fine, so I'm keeping it.

However, I'm afraid you will someday unleash version 3.5 upon the Microsoft Store and I will be broken again.

Note, that it is important for any option about whether to play chord symbols to be on a PER SONG basis. If the song author wants the chord symbols played, they should play. If they are intended , by the AUTHOR , to be instructional, then they should not play. People should not have to go into preferences to change global options every time they want to play a different song.


The preference in 3.5 is to control whether chords play while entering them, and it's in Edit / Preferences / Note Input. 3.5.1 will probably have an additional preference to control the initial state of the style setting that controls the actual playback, but as the link given above shows, you can simply set that style settings yourself already. Uncheck Play for one chord symbol in the Inspector, then hit the "Set as style" button ("S" icon) bext to that control. This is, just as you say, per song.

There shouldn't be any other changes that would affect playback of notes or your AudioBox, most likely whatever is going there was some unrelated glitch. If you reinstall 3.5, we can try to help you sort it out.

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