What is Command-Click and Drag supposed to mean

• Sep 8, 2020 - 22:43

I am trying to customize a palette, and I read in the handbook to press and hold Cmd-Shift and drag an item to the palette. but if I use my left hand to hold down those two keys how do I click on and drag any symbol to the palette??? I am on a MacBook, but can't get this working.

Yes, I have "enable editing" checked on the palette, but there is still no way to pull this off.

Do I NEED to have a mouse or something?

Here is the Handbook text:

Before customizing a palette, you need to enable editing:

right-click on the palette and make sure that "Enable Editing" is checked.
To add an existing score element (such as a line, text, dynamic, fretboard diagram etc.) to a custom palette:

Press and hold Ctrl+Shift (Mac: Cmd+Shift), then drag the symbol onto the palette.


Cmd and (the left) Shift are pretty close to one another, so you should be able to press both with one hand and still have the other hand to use the mouse?

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OK, yes it does work, thanks! But I realized that I have to use 3 fingers on the left hand and one on the right - Click and drag on the trackpad requires my left thumb to click and hold down and then right finger to drag.. duh! I've only been using these fancy trackpads since 2009, so I haven't got the hang of it yet.

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I don't have a Mac trackpad to test on, but every similar device I've used requires only one finger. Just click fully with your favorite finger and start dragging. Most non_Mac devices work with just a touch rather than a physical click, but most Mac devices seem to require physical clicks. Sometimes things might be configured to require a double-click to start a drag. Usually there are options to control this stuff in your device settings, but again, I'm not too familiar with what's possible on Mac vs on other systems.

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