Global command to change a chord symbol

• Sep 10, 2020 - 00:48

Is there a global command that can ...say change the chord symbol for C half diminished(C with a slash through a circle) to Cm7b5?
I downloaded a piece and it has about 64 of those half diminished chords charted.... Jazz players don't use that notation normally....they use minor 7th with a flatted 5th.
Is there a global command that will allow me to change every half diminished chord to a minor 7th with a flatted fifth?.... or any chord changed to any other kind of notation... so I don't have to go one by one?

Jeff Gouge
Springfield MO


  1. Open the file in MuseScore
  2. File → Save As… and choose mscx as the file type
  3. Close the file in MuseScore
  4. Open a plain text editor (notepad) and open the mscx file
  5. Perform a find and replace of:


  1. Save the file and close it in your text editor
  2. Re-open the file in MuseScore

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