Exchange parts in score

• Sep 10, 2020 - 23:27

Probably a simple answer. But I'll ak anyway:

I'm writing a 4-part vocal score. I originally added organ part to the score. But now I would like to drop the organ part and exchange that same part for piano.
I assume this would exchange the playback sound as well.


You should mostly be able to right click the organ, choose staff/text properties and click the Change Instruments button then change to the piano. There may be some editing after that but it should be minimal.

I used to do it the way Mike described. I don't know why I switched to the following method, but if you have a problem with the method of changing instruments, you can also hit I, go to Instruments and add whatever new instruments you want, go back to the score and copy and paste your content, go back to instruments through I and delete those instruments that you do not want. It's a longer way to do it but I use it exclusively for some reason. Probably because my method of composition is different than other people around here. It might have something to do with experiment. Mike's method is easier but I think I found that it could get messy. Anyway, you have at least two options.

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Change instrument should work perfectly, if you have some special case where it doesn't, it would help if you would attach the score and steps to reproduce the issue so we can investigate.

The method you describe should work also, though, if you don't mind taking the scenic route :-). I should note that there have been bugs where copy/paste can lose some bits of information here and there, so it's likely to be more error prone. But again, if you run into problems, we'd want to see the score and steps to reproduce the issue so we can investigate.

I don't know of any current bugs with either method, but the copy/paste method certainly has been more problematic in the past.

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