failure to append measures

• Sep 12, 2020 - 17:07

I'm trying to append measures to a new song I just started.
Instead of appending 10 measures, say, but musescore adds one measure with the figure a bold line
on it with the figure 10 above the new measure.
How can I simply add 10 measures?
do I have to reset something?
is it any hidden feature that I accidentaly activated?
please help


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Multi measure rests are normal in the right context. In an orchestral part while an instrument is not playing but other instruments are then the part will have a multimeasure rest rather than a row of individual empty measures.

Your score will not show multimeasure rests again, unless you use keyboard shortcut "m" to enable them again. If you do, just hit that shortcut again to toggle them off. If you are bored just keep pressing "m" and see them appear and disappear - it passes the time.

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