Volume issues

• Sep 12, 2020 - 22:07

In all of my scores, the instruments all sound fine, except for the string instruments. It seems like only the strings are super quiet, but every other instrument has its normal volume. Also, the string and brass synths sound very different from when I first created the score


In order to understand and assist, we would need you to attach one of the problem scores (or even just a relevant excerpt), and tell us what soundfont(s) you have loaded in View / Synthesizer.

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It looks like for the violins you are using the "slow" version, which has a very gradual attack and is meant for slow pad-type passages only. So no surprise the faster melodies don't end up sounding very strong - the sound doesn't have time to reach full volume. Switching to the regular version (in the Mixer) should help. Other than that, I didn't offhand notice anything unusual. Is there a particular measure of a particular staff I should be listening to?

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