Tam-Tam Glissando

• Sep 13, 2020 - 12:21

I saw that in a score (again):
And wrote this:
But anyway- could tam-tam glissandos work in playback... like tremolos or trills (Idk which is the correct)? It's nothing major but perhaps could be done.... adding stuff in a 2nd voice and turning everything invisible bothers me for some reason, like.. too much traffic.

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I'm not a percussionist so I didn't look close enough at the notation. I just noticed is says to use the triangle stick, which usually has a ring near the end of it from what I've seen. Perhaps this is instructions to drag the stick down the tam-tam (like from the center to the outside edge). I don't know what else it might mean. I think Ziya is probably on the right track with the bend to approximate the effect.

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The composer said in a rehearsal that the percussionist must "make a circle" meaning he has to do a circular movement with the sticks. In a sense.. it's how it works with instruments that can do a glissando... I mean that you see similar movements... With the only difference that it's a circular one.

It's rite of Spring btw

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The first picture Ziya showed had the bend in the palette highlighted on the left so you would know what to add while the right side shows the inspector as it appears when you select the bend in the score. The line design in the last picture has been edited to indicate how to make it look in the inspector.

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