Cannot get Eflat

• Sep 14, 2020 - 19:09

For some unknown reason, I cannot get an Eflat in the last treble clef.
I tried up and down but it always skips it.
Thanks for your help.

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The easiest way is to use the accidentals from the tool bar. Since Eb and D# are enharmonic, pressing the down arrow changed the E to D# since it's in the key signature.

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You can see the full name of the note, including any "accidental" that is not shown because it is in the key signature or appeared earlier in the measure, in the status bar. But only in the status bar - not in the score itself. The rules of music notation dictate that one does not normally repeat accidentals within a measure. If you have one of the special exceptions where repeating the accidental is permissible, or if you need to deviate from the normal rules of notation for some special purpose, you can do this by adding the accidentals explicitly to each note using the toolbar or palette. The "courtesy accidentals" plugin can also add these extra accidentals automatically,

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The status bar is at the bottom of the MuseScore window and can be seen any time an element is selected. If you select a note it will tell you that you have an E, Eb or D# with accidentals (visible on the note or note) identified. If you think a courtesy accidental will clarify that it is there, then add it from the tool bar or palette. Both of these always show the accidental.

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