stems direction

• Sep 15, 2020 - 10:10

I've got some stems going 'up' which I'd like to go 'down'..

presumably there's a button for that..?



ah, ok - found it on the toolbar: "flip direction" - perfect!

(if anyone know if there's a hotkey for that I'd be happy to know it..!)


I bet you're using "voices" incorrectly, and getting the exact opposite of what you want (that's the most common cause of this problem). See . If you are using two voices in a staff, and one is consistently lower than the other, such as a soprano and alto part, the upper should be 1 and the lower 2, even if, as common, the upper one is the second to enter. If this is not observed, all the stem directions will be wrong.

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Well, I'm not even using voices - but, every time I throw in a midi of a single line (with NO overlaps, AND that is DEFINITELY on a single midi channel..) Musescore decides that I must want multiple voices and bars full of notes and rests on the same beats - it's pretty infuriating..
If you know what that's going on I'd love to know... ? :D

(I'm talking about preparing a 'leadsheet' for a saxophone - from a midi part that's been prepared earlier.)

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Almost certainly, while you think there is no overlap of notes, there actually is, if just a slight amount (eg, holding one note a few milliseconds too long and thus overlapping the start of the next note). Quantizing in your sequencer will probably fix it. If not, as mentioned, posting a MIDI file that is giving you a problem would help us understand and assist better.

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