do you guys happen to have version 3.4 (or whatever the previous stable version) available for download?

• Sep 16, 2020 - 03:47

The latest stable release (3.5.0) causes the audio to cut out every time I input a note onto the staff with several instruments and I find it incredibly hard to work with, so I am looking for the last stable version. When I look into the directory on the website for previous versions (, however, the latest version available is 3.2.3.


However, it should be noted there really weren't any changes in the audio system that would be likely to explain this, it's at least as likely it was an update to your OS or a device driver around the same time that is causing this.

Although it's unlikely this will turn out to be specific to a score, it could nevertheless be helpful if you attached the score you are having problems with and gave precise steps to reproduce the problem.

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