Numbered notations

• Sep 17, 2020 - 10:44

There has been a suggestion on the site for Jianpu - numbered notation. (see…)
One reply suggests that there is a plug-in for this, though how comprehensive this is I'm not sure.

I suspect that in order to be most useful a plug-in (or feature) has to be 2-way: that is Regular notation -> Jianpu/Chinese notation, and also Jianpu/Chinese -> Regular notation.

There is also some merit in mixing the two notations, as shown in the Amazing Grace example on this web page which discusses number notations -

One reply also mentions that the site is for different discussions - which I have often found confusing. It would be very helpful if some clearer and more integrated method of handling discussions relating to software could be found. There is mention of this site in a side bar on the site, but that doesn't always appear, depending on the client software used.


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This doesn't tell me much more than what I already knew.

Re the difference between the two websites, that is simply stating the status quo, but not accepting or even considering that the differences may be awkward and undesirable, or that there may be better solutions for end users to the issues raised.

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