Barlines and measure numbers move, whenever I hide the notes

• Sep 18, 2020 - 12:26

I'm experiencing an annoying issue, whenever I'm hiding the notes in my score. I need to export to files for some animations, I'm doing in another program: one png with the everything visible and one png with just the "background" ie. the barlines, measure numbers and such. But whenever I'm hiding the notes (by selecting everything and pressing 'v') some of the barlines move slightly. Is there a way to fix this and exporting only the "background" as it is without it changing position? Really hope you can help!!!

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When you make an accidental invisible, the note spacing is re-arranged as if the accidental doesn't exist. If you have a score with no accidentals, you will not see the shift of bar lines etc. If you have accidentals in the score you can stop the shift by disabling automatic placement for the accidentals. However, then you get a different problem; the accidentals collide with notes.

My (not very good) solution is to disable automatic placement on the accidentals and adjust the notes' x offsets to provide manual collision avoidance.

Maybe a better method (I hesitate to call it a "workaround" because the current behavior is not really incorrect) would be to place an image of a staff over the notes rather than make them invisible. And/or perhaps play games with the color of the notes and their stacking order. White notes that display under the staff lines would do the trick.

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