how do i put two scores in one file

• Sep 19, 2020 - 18:19

i am trying to put two scores into one file but i don't know how. also how to put dynamics cause i am new to this app and the tour isn't really telling me how to do these things.


You don't. You need the old "album" feature. It is coming back some day.

If the scores have identical or nearly identical instrumentation, you can use "section breaks" to break up a single score into well-defined sections and do it that way. Otherwise, "album feature".

Well, even the old album feature required the scores to have matching instrumentation. The new one being developed for MuseScore 4 will be more broadly useful. But meanwhile, section breaks do work. Write your first score, add a section break from the Breaks & Spacers palette, then start another score in the same file. if you've already written the two scores in separate files, you'll need to copy and paste, and if there are key or time signatures etc you'll need to reapply those manually.

To add dynamics, use the Dynamics palette.

See the Handbook (access from the Help menu in MuseScore, or the Support menu above on this page) for much more on how to use MuseScore.

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I even have one score split into three files because the requirement of matching instrumentation was too onerous. I was never able to make use of the old album feature so far (might have had one case, but didn’t have enough time to put all of it into the computer). Basically, SATB split into SAATBB in the middle. (It also was a PITA to find the necessary arrow symbols.)

I just set the starting page and measure numbers on the followups right, so that, when you concatenate the three PDFs you get the correct output.

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