Notes default to wrong clef, I can fix, but they still don't appear correctly

• Sep 19, 2020 - 19:25

I am typing in notes from a teacher's lesson so that I can 'hear' how it should sound and then compare to my own playing..

For this measure, I'm trying to key in a low E, but when I try to put the note on the staff, it defaults to the bass clef, not the treble clef. I found the button to switch the stem, but it's still not part of the notes above it. I'm looking to see it as a chord, not separate stems. How do I put the 2 stems back together, now that I've moved the e from the bass to the treble?

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I'm assuming you use the mouse to enter notes?
At some position MuseScore has to switch guesses as to which staff you're trying to input notes into. When your mouse is closer to the lower staff, then that is what it'll assume.

Possible workaround is to (temporarily) add a spacer so there is more vertical distance between the two staves.
But the recommended/faster way would be to enter the normal E, then use the shortcut Ctrl+ to move it an octave down.

Also be aware that using cross staff notation does not technically "move" a note to a different staff. It still belongs to its original staff and is displaced visually. It does not become part of the chord in the other staff.

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