Changing meter. the clicker doesn't respond correctly

• Sep 22, 2020 - 11:30

In the image attached
After changing the meter from 5/4 => 6/4 => 5/4 => 9/8
The clicker was fine, but when tying to repeat the same pattern, the clicker couldn't handle it.
the 2nd 5/4 was 4/4 (the clicker didn't change to 5/4)

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9-22-2020_ChangingMeterError.png 24.73 KB


What do you mean by "clicker"? Can you attach an actual score (not just a picture) and give precise steps to reproduce the problem?

There is a known issue involving tuplets in certain time signatures like 6/4 where rests can be generated incorrectly, and your picture sort of looks like that, but not really.

Or maybe you are referring to how the metronome sounds?

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