Previous version is where (Linux) ?

• Sep 22, 2020 - 22:13

I've given up with 3.5 for the time being. I' basically had to stop creating stuff since installing this version.
Repeats, when they work just cause certain tracks to not play. Esp drum tracks. And after much changing of views and toggling repeats etc, it 'Might' work but it sometimes dose not.
So, I'll wait till 3.5.1 comes out.

So my question is really, where do I find the previous version for linux. ?
Is it 3.4 or 2.something ?
The links on the site go to 2.3.2 appimage.
Was that the previous stable ?


Can you explain more about the issue you are seeing, though? We know repeats don't work in continuous view, they do in page, and this is already fixed for 3.5.1. But there are no known issues involving drum tracks specifically, in any view. In order to investigate whatever you are seeing we would need you to attach the particular score you are having trouble with and give us steps to reproduce the problem.

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Hi Marc,
I've had this a few times, but it may well be the soundfont that I was using.
Not spent any time trying to figure out where or what it was.

Simple to test...
Bar 1 - a simple drum riff
Bar 2 - has % in it
Bar 3 start of repeat, has % in it
Bars 4 & 5, has % in them
Bar 6 and of repeat. has % in it

| x x x | % |[ % | % | % | % ]|

Start play at bar 3.
Sometimes the drums play, sometimes they dont.
Sometimes they only play for the first time through and stop when the repeat happens.

Though, as I said, I've not spent any time testing this so wasnt going to add a bug report until I'd tested it with
3.5.1 when the repeats thing was fixed.


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Seems that particular nbug with measure repeats has been around a long time, so reverting to an older version won't help. But indeed, if your particular workflow revolves around needing repeats in general to work in continuous view, probably best to wait for 3.5.1 - but, maybe do help make sure it really does work for you and help us make sure it works for everyone else, by installing and testing a "nightly build" of the 3.x branch, from the Downaod menu above.

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"My car drives perfectly, but only downhill" ;-)

But yes, in the MuseScore case I'd advise to not downgrade and trade this one bug with an easy workaround in for a hundred known ones in the previous version, most of which don't have a workaround.
I'm also expecting 3.5.1 rather soon, so chances are that if you're going to doubt the course of action for another week, the whole downgrading reason becomes moot as you can upgrade then.

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