Note Head Changes

• Sep 23, 2020 - 17:07

I'm a drumline composer and on one instrument you can crossover, and I tried putting a different head to commonly notate that, but it didn't work, I one clicked, double clicked, drag and dropped, and even changed the notehead to a half note with the inspector and tried again, but none of these even worked. I would appreciate the help! (also I'm trying to use a crossed open note head)


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It's not difficult to edit a drumset. MuseScore prevents what you are trying to do so you don't suddenly put an X notehead on a normal snare drum hit (when you have a normal notehead for all of the others) and confuse the musician. That's the basic philosophy behind how drum notation works.

I suspect the sounds are probably the same but you also can't assign two noteheads to the same sound. If they are not the same sound then there is no reason not to change the drumset definition.

The only true workaround is to make the notehead invisible (select it and press v) while it's still selected, open the master palette by pressing z and type "head" into the search bar. This will narrow down the possible symbols enough that you can easily find one you like. Click it and it will appear almost in the correct spot. You may need to move it, probably less than .1sp using the x & y offsets in the inspector.

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