Chord Symbol playback

• Sep 23, 2020 - 17:08

I have a score which started out with chord symbols on a single piano stave. All good. Symbols play.
I have since elaborated the score with other instruments still good. (score 1 attached)
Then on further development, score 2 they stopped playing though they will sound when mouse clicked on.
The chord symbols segment is a way in at Rehearsal Letter G
I am baffled. I tried a test Score 'chord Symbol test' and this was ok.
I checked for muting, play box ticked, sub channels faders up etc.
I'm guessing there's something silly I'm doing or not but I can't work it out.
MS3 Windows 10 and Windows 7, normal default soundfont.


Took me a few minutes to figure it out, and I still can't say exactly why it's a problem, but - it's the hairpin in the violin 2 part, four measures before G. It is set to "System" playback range in the Inspector, and this is somehow confusing things. Maybe because that staff uses singe note dynamics but piano doesn't? Anyhow, change it back to the default "Part " playback range and all is well.

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Wow yes that did it! What an odd thing? and it was just that hairpin, not even the one closest to the first chord symbols!
That is something to look out for. I need to understand better what the 'stave', 'part' 'system' choices actually affect.
Thanks so much for the swift response, the Musescore Support team is the best!

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Staff means literally just that staff. Part means that instrument. Same as staff for instruments with only a single staff, but for piano, staff means only the top or only the bottom staff, part means the whole instrument. System means, as it says, the entire system - all staves of all parts.

In most cases the default Part is exactly what you want. There can be cases in piano music where you want some particular dynamic to affect only one staff and not the other, but that's the exception. System should pretty much be used, as it's normally improper for dynamics in one instrument to affect any other instrument, but sometimes people will try to save space by not repeating dynamics on every staff and this does allow playback to work, if you manage it well.

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