Can't click the playback button.

• Sep 24, 2020 - 00:58

I've been using Musescore 3 for a while, and for some reason it started to not open up the sheets after creating or opening a project, so I did the "Revert to factory settings" thing and after that the playback button is just appearing grey and it won't let me click it, space bar doesn't work either. Same with the buttons near it (see picture). I tried uninstalling and re-installing again (I installed the upgraded version, 3.5) and it still won't work. Help is appreciated.

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My windows 10 just updated (but I had no problems with playback) and this is a common time for people to have playback issues with MuseScore. The 2 things that most often fix it are making sure your audio driver is up to date and making sure MuseScore didn't get muted in the Windows Volume Mixer.

You can try going into preferences, changing the Audio output device (to anything), apply it, then change it back and apply it. See also #308469: Changing audio output device frustrating for a potential bug you may encounter along with a workaround.

it could possibly be any of your desktop apps that are affecting this. it happened me a few times b/c it turns out i used fl studio a lot and for some reason it conflicts with some of the buttons in musescore. so i had to delete fl studio temporarily and restart my computer to get it working again. idk if it helps but its one likely reason that it could happen.

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