Notes with wrong pitches

• Sep 24, 2020 - 15:29

I've got:

revision: 43c5553

and when I start creating a melody, I've noticed incongruent pitches: after I move the second note up or down to get to the note I want, I verify that it happens that the second note, which was supposed to have a higher pitch than the first note, has a lower pitch instead and if I move it to the same level as the first note, which means they should have the same pitch, they end up having different pitches. Could you please investigate this bug?

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I suspect you are using your mouse for note input. When you double click a note, it puts it in edit mode. Rather than changing the pitch, it will only move the note. Be careful not to double click the note before you move it. To fix what you did, click the note, open the inspector (F8) and set the x offset for the cord section to 0. BTW, you wouldn't be the first person who did this. If it becomes a repeating problem you might consider increasing the minimum speed for a double click on your mouse.

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