Two Bugs with Instrument Changes

• Sep 25, 2020 - 09:40

By "changing insturments" I mean the action of double-clicking on an instrument-name in your score (or using a shortcut of which i'm not aware), then clicking on the "change instrument"-button, then changing your instrument to something else. (for example "Violin" to "Cello")

  1. Usually, when changing something in your score, an asterisk * will appear at the end of the name of your score in the tab/window heading. This indicates, that there are unsaved changes to your score.
    When changing your instrument this * simply doesn't appear. The score simply doesn't indicate that there have been changes.
    (Adding a new instrument triggers the * to pop up, as it should do. Changing instruments lacks this important feature.)

  2. Changing an instrument can't be undone by pressing [CTRL + Z]. Nothing happens.
    (Again, ADDING a new instrument can be undone. It's just the changing of instruments that lacks this important feature.)


Huh.. confirmed and weird. I wasn't even aware you could open staff/part properties by double clicking the instrument name. But that seems to be the issue.

When opening the staff/part properties using the "normal" method (ie right-click in a staff and choose "Staff/Part properties") those changes are all correctly registered (and undoable and saveable).

So for some reason this is not happening correctly when opening the dialog using double click.

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