Starting Bars In A New Line

• Sep 25, 2020 - 17:49

I am writing a song with Notation,Lyrics and Chords.
I have finished verse one.
I would like to start verse two on a new line,
So i enter a text frame to say Verse 2
How do i add 16 bars for example staring on a new line
below verse 2
Many Thanks


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I tried that and its still not right.
For example say that verse 1 that i have finished has 6 bars on its last line.
I dont want to add any more bars to that line
I want to start a new verse 2 (Bars) - add new bars without it effecting how the previous Verse 1 looks.
When i select the last bar on verse one and then append for say 16 bars,the software fills verse 1 with bars but what i want is 16 new bars starting on a fresh line of music
I hope you understand
Many thanks

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I suspect you have not added a text frame, which us what you said, but have added a stave or system text item. If you have actually added a frame then if you followed my instruction you would click on the frame not the note, which again is what you said you did. But as mike320 says, upload the score and help us to help you

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