No kind of cresc / decresc is working

• Sep 25, 2020 - 22:12

Neither hairpins nor dim / cresc either with or without piano / forte at the end actually change the dynamic of the notes. Notes are still played at the same volume. Regular Dynamic changing works.
OS: Windows 10
I already deleted and reinstalled musescore with no effect please help.
I'm also using the newest version of musescore (3.5)
Score is uploaded here:
and is also attached to this message.
This happens on all my scores, though. Not just this one.
At some point in time, any kind of cresc / decresc just stopped working for me.

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Prior to 3.5 the ones in mm 2, 3, 6 & 7 would never work. Hairpins (everything you mentioned) changed volume to the next dynamic mark no matter where it is in the score and without regard to any hairpin between the two.

Now it seems that only the last hairpin is affected by the next dynamic so this messes up every pre-3.5 score I (and everyone else) made. What it means now is that the hairpins in mm 1, 2, 5 & 6 will never have an effect.

In all cases, you can enter a velocity change into the consecutive hairpins and they will playback properly.

I have no idea how the hairpins with attached dynamic marks work so I don't know what affect they have on playback. In 3.5 they don't affect dynamics on a hairpin at all. I deleted them from my palette when they came out in 3.0 and forgot they existed.

To get hair pins to work I usually put the dynamic marks where I want them first. then add hairpins. Though you can do it the other way around. In your sample score, I added a ff one beat one/measure one. And a pp on beat one/measure two. And a ff on beat one /measure three. Hairpins then work for me. The p at the end of measure 3 doesn't seem to be associated with a note. And doesn't work. While you can define hairpins in the inspector, I just usually use a dynamic. I never use dim, but I imagine the same applies.

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