Several notes simultaneously (chord)

• Sep 26, 2020 - 05:52

Does anyone know how to play two notes at once in Musescore? I have been pursued by issues when attempting to compose my first symphony, and was unable to find any tutorials of how to play two notes at once.

Using different voices also makes the score difficult to read and even more difficult to write, and if it does not synchronize perfectly, the chord will not sound correctly.


Use keyboard to enter the notes rather than the mouse. Enter the first note then press shift while entering the second note.

But, you can also enter a chord with the m9use by simply clicking two different notes at the same local. For much more on how to use MuseScore, please see the online Handbook you can reach from the Help menu within MuseScore, or the Support menu on this site. In particular, the section on note input is quite thorough.

FWIW, though, multiple voices do synchronize perfectly, as perfectly as a single chord does, anyhow, MIDI is a sequential technology, so there will also be a very slight delay between the start of one note and another, whether they are different notes in the same chord, notes in different voices, or notes on different staves. But we're talking about discrepancies measured in milliseconds, perhaps even just microseconds, here. You won't hear it.

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