Divisi back to unison

• Sep 28, 2020 - 04:32

Could anyone please advise whether it is possible to turn divided staves back into a single one (unison)?
I am talking mid song... I have 2 cello parts on 2 separate staves but need to bring them back to unison.
Thanking in advance!


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Thanks, however these features only copy the voice from one stave to another and I remain having 2 staves where is my goal is to get rid of the 2 stave entirely half-way through the song, so part of the song has 2 staves and another part only stave. Is that possible to do?

It sounds like you have 2 staves then want to go to a single staff. If this is the case, enter everything for the entire song for the second staff. When your done right click the second staff and choose Staff/part properties. Set the "Hide when empty" drop down to "Always" and the empty cello staves will become invisible.

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Problem one with this is that you are looking at continuous view. This enables you to see all staves that are not hidden as a single system so any staff with any notes will never hide. You need to be in page view to see this.

When in page view, the entire system must be empty, so when you switch to page view you will initially see all of the measures. If you put a system break in the last measure you want to see both instruments for, the empty measures will move to the next system. You will see you made a mistake and have set BOTH cellos to always hide when empty - that is you won't see any cello staff. You only want to set the second staff to Always hide when empty. Set the other one to Auto so it will only hide if you select Hide Empty staves in the Style dialog.

Note: To put a system break, you can select the measure and click the system break in the Breaks & Spacers palette or select the measure and press Return. Pressing return toggles the system break.

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