"Follow the blue line"

• Sep 28, 2020 - 21:48

I would like to post a piece of sheet music for my students to access and play along to. When I am creating the music, there is a blue line that plays through the music, showing when each note is played (I want this!) When I save the project, the playback is different - each measure is highlighted (in red) but the notes are not highlight (not what Ii want).

How do I save the project so my students can play along with the blue line version (not the red measure version)?

Also, once this first issue is solved, how to I put the sheet music (with the blue line following the music) into a google slides presentation?


The differences is between how the MuseScore program shows it and how it is rendered on musescore.com, isn't it? You apparently want musescore.com to get changed, so you'd need to bring this up there, not here.

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