Big "Letter-Inside" Note Heads for making music for KIDS!

• Sep 29, 2020 - 03:13

Hi guys! I LOOOOOVE Musescore!!!! It is so much better - at least for my purposes - than any of the overpriced big name software.

I'm especially a fan of Tantacruel so i'm glad you guys hired him. Shoutout to you bro :)

I would love some help, if you guys could develop, or direct me towards a widget someone's made, the big note head with letter inside type for when I want to arrange popular songs for my young piano students. They're seeing those in their lesson books so I wish that the stuff I made looked the same, to help them learn it.

Thanks so much everybody and be safe in this time.


Fred Hallas


I staff properties when you click the advanced properties button you get a choice of notehead schemes. Among those is note names. You can select that and adjust the scaling in Page settings so everything is bigger.

You Guys are AWESOME!!! I was looking in the "notehead" pallette and got frustrated I guess.

Using the inspector I made the words for my student's song (she's 6 😍) all goofy looking and purple.
She's gonna love it 😎


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