Musescore Fails to Download&Install HQ Soundfonts Plugin (Linux[x86_64],3.x,9/24)

• Sep 29, 2020 - 13:10

I cannot install the HQ soundfont plugin and I retried a lot of times. I use Manjaro, AMD CPU and GPU... *Well I don't know any other specs of my computer... Is it Musescore's or my computer's fault?


Not a plugin, but an extension... Not sure it is intended to work for development builds (and I guess thit is mean be "3.x,9/24)?
What error ere you getting?

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It says that "Musescore was unable to downlaod, install (and some other word) the soundfont". Also yes, extension, and the 9/24 build, currently latest I believe.

It also tells me to check my internet connection but my browser worked finely... Should I try reopening and then retrying? I guess I'll do it later.

If you have the soundfont loaded for your 3.5 version then open Edit->Preferences and set the soundfont directory to the same one you use for 3.5 and you won't need multiple copies of the soundfont. If I remember correctly, this directory will survive updates to nightlies - that is overwrite the existing nightly with another.

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I'm saying that if you want to test a nightly, don't uninstall your current version. They can run at the same time. I think the Nightly can't run while the installed version runs, but the installed version will run with the nightly already running. If you don't have the current version installed, do that and use the installed version to manage the existence of your soundfonts. The synthesizers will run independently. This means you install the sound fonts in 3.5. Point the nightly's sound font folder to 3.5 and you don't need to try to download the sound font through the nightly. You should always keep the last stable version installed on your computer in any case, even if the nightly works great and has a feature you want to use.

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I think I'll do better job at finding bugs if I don't associate 3.x to a stable version's files. Maybe that's my idea. But I got what you said this time. I think I'll keep only the 3.x though cause the 9/24 one works fine enough for me. I'm not super obsessed with installing that extension now, but just wondering if that reaction is abnormal for musescore.

By the way, I tested again and it failed again. It failed at ~44% and ~64% as the other times I tried before rebooting.

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