Does Musescore have a fade option?

• Sep 30, 2020 - 17:49

Just curious, does Musescore have a way of fading an instrument away to pppp? You start out at F or Mp but then gradually fade your breath to nothing. Of course this would be for instruments that you blow. You blow a double whole note starting at F and by the end of the 8 count it is pppp. I have tried doing it but haven't found a way of doing it.


Use a diminuendo (or equivalent hairpin) and set the velocity change to the same number as the starting dynamic's velocity. You can then either make it invisible or change the text to "Fade" or something like that.

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Thank you. I used a hairpin with the ending dynamic ppp, but it didn't happen. I did some research in other comments and it seems you need to use a soundfont that allows it. One comment mentioned the default soundfont allows it. The soundfont I was using doesn't allow it, so I moved the default soundfont to the top, set it as default, and viola it works now. Only thing is, the default soundfont dynamics are very low compared to the sound font I was using, so now I have to adjust the volume in the mixer.

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