Use of the bracket key to change note duration

• Sep 30, 2020 - 22:20

i think using the bracket keys to change note duration would be pretty useful, because currently, you have to select the note you want to change, go back to the note panel, select the new note duration and then select another note duration, when, you could simply click right bracket for a longer duration, and left bracket for a shorter duration.


How about if you press q to half the duration, w to double the duration, shift + q to subtract a dot's duration and shift+w to add a dot's duration? If you decided you want a 1/2 note rather than a 8th note, press 6 (the short cut identified when you hover over the 1/2 note on the toolbar). The (shift) q & w shortcuts work in note input mode. I'm forever pressing 4 (8th note duration) when I want a quarter note (shortcut=5) so I use w a lot.

Indeed, the command already exist - Q & W - and you can also customize them to be brackets or anything else using Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts.

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