How to swap two different voice part or change a voice part's name. (e.g. define an existing Alto part as Tenor part)

• Oct 1, 2020 - 09:12

sometimes, measures of music found wrongly defined as undesired voice part. I had tried to change the parts name by changing the instrument setting before find that it automatically return its original voice part name a few seconds after the changing.


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After importing from a 4 parts + piano PDF music, I found, in some places with partial parts (one of the 4 parts rest ), the name of the voice parts confused. Thus, I could not play back solo Tenor part properly as in the half way it shift into other part voice. That is why I want to change some part’s name.

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If the import is mostly correct but parts of it are on the wrong staff, you may consider either,

cut and past the parts in the wrong staff to the correct staff or

create an empty score with all of the parts then copy and paste everything into the correct staves.

There is no "Move these measures to a different instrument" command outside of cut and paste.

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