not knowing and then discovering!

• Oct 2, 2020 - 22:48

OK so I do ask questions in this forum as I have generally failed to find what I'm looking for. I 'think' that's because I don't sometimes know the name of the thing I'm trying to sort out.
However, when looking for something in the online handbook recently I did discover something totally revolutionary to me.
Who knew you could make MScore take a long note and make it go quieter and then louder (or vice versa). Certainly not me. It now means I can hear through MScore the dynamics I am hearing in my head. Those MScore backroom elves are a marvellous bunch!
If the explanation of my 'discovery' is not clear, please see attached screenshot. If there are any other people like me who didn't know that it was possible, the clue is in the screen shot!

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Thanks to @theotherjthistle for writing the code that does this for version 3.1 and later. It's called Single Note Dynamics or SND.

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Its a code!? I just thought it was a clever workaround. Whatever, it works and is a fab joy to use. I'm busily going through my latest score creating the changes in dynamics that I originally wanted.

Hmmm If it is a code, maybe I'm doing it incorrectly ....but it works!

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