Read created pdf and turn page with tap

• Oct 3, 2020 - 12:27

Instead of printing scores (directly or as pdf when sent to others) it would be nice to play from the screen.

My son's ipad had some feature so I just tapped on the screen and the next page appeared. I can't find this feature for my PC (with touch screen, Lenovo Yoga). It's impossible to turn page by scrolling during playing.

So do you have any suggestion for a free simple pdf reader that shows next page when tapped? I have tried my browsers, but does not work. Not google drive either. Drive had some arrows to click, but hard to touch exactly on spot when in a hurry, and also the next page wasn't loaded until click. If missing the arrow, the file closes.


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Thanks. I have to keep looking (and hoping that someone who found such a software reads this).

The scrolling with space does not scroll one pdf-side either, but about one screen. Very soon one can't see whole pages and gets disoriented (plus that the notes are placed way to high on church organ if not folding the keyboard away).

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Thanks! I tried it, and it seams to work. :)

I also found out by trial and error that I can turn side by a stroke with finger (no tapping) on screen, if chosing "scroll one page at a time". Then it won't scroll like the usual scrolling, and I can fold keyboard back totally.

This is great. I love printing and binding some books, but sometimes I just want to scroll, test, and print the good stuff only. This makes it easy.

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