grace notes/appoggiaturas

• Oct 5, 2020 - 19:47

Is there a way to change the duration of an appoggiatura without changing the actual appoggiatura? e.g. In the file below, I want to customize the durations of some of the 16th appoggiaturas (kind of like rubato) to fit how the song is actually supposed to be played.


If you want to implement rubato over grace notes in MuseScore, I'm afraid you are out of luck.
For non-grace notes, you can put either tempo changes or fermatas (fermatas with the time stretch parameter not equal to 1.00) over the notes and make tempo changes or fermatas non-visible if you want. These are commonly used techniques in MuseScore to achieve rubato.
However, when you try to put a tempo change or fermata over a grace note, MuseScore puts it over the main note and not over the grace note. This is something that should be improved, in my opinion.

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You mean like changing the length parameter of grace note in piano-roll to achieve various legato/staccato levels? Yes, that works, I know.

But what about the tempo changes over grace notes i.e. a stream of grace notes that should decelerate or accelerate? This was the original question (rubato effect).

On second thought: we can move grace notes in time (by changing the both on time and length parameters in piano-roll) to simulate a tempo change. Probably quite complicated to use (numbers must be entered for parameter values) but I think it should work.

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