Program goes into "Not Responding" every 10 seconds

• Oct 8, 2020 - 07:07
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The MuseScore program for Windows, macOS, Linux (and which of those) or the mobile App for Android and iOS?

Windows. It happens only when I am entering the notes in my SATB score. When I use the other functions (changing clef, adding accidentals etc.) it works normally. It goes into "not responding" after every 5-6 notes.

Sample score, steps to reproduce? Which MuseScore version exactly? Are you in Continuous View (and if so, does the issue vanish in Page View)?

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Nope, the view does not seem to matter, it crashes regardless. Should I upload the .msz file here?
I'm not doing any new steps that I haven't already done before on the app, simply adding notes as is usually done. The issue has started only this morning after I upgraded to the latest version,

Here is the file. I am quite bad with tech, but I tried what I could think of - making a copy of the file to see if the issue goes away, trying other files, restarting my comp. I will be very grateful if you can check this.

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I am really clueless. I noticed a pattern, it crashes exactly after I key in seven notes. Do you have any recommendations for what else I could try?

I opened the score and made several updates : adding notes, changing pitch, deleting notes ...
Everything was OK
I tried to one XML export to enforce the program to scan every object of the score
Everything was OK

Nota ; in my recent experiences, i observed that when the ini file is corrupted, the sogtware becomed unpredictable. So the only way i found to come back to a good comportment is to delete the ini file (located in C:\Users#myusername#\AppData\Roaming\MuseScore)