The Installed Plugin Can't Be Seen In The Plugin Manager

• Oct 8, 2020 - 14:10

I installed quartertoneplayback plugin in the folder which my other plugins I use.

In the plugin manager I can't see quartertoneplayback plugin.

Where is it?



I'm not familiar with that plugin so I'll ask generic questions. Do you have a file that ends .qml for the plugin in the same folder as other plugins you have added? Sometimes the plugins are zipped with a directory structure and the qml will end up in a sub directory and MuseScore won't see this.

Did you check if it's compatible with your MuseScore-version? For example "Quarter Tone (24 TET) Tuning" needs MuseScore 3.x, "Quarter Tone Playback" needs MuseScore 2.x, probably won't work with MuseScore 3.x at time.

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