Changing position of part name

• Oct 8, 2020 - 18:51


by default the part name is display on the top left corner.


However I'd like it to be positioned like this:


There are two possible solutions I can see right now:
1. Copying every part in a new score and delete all instrument names.
2. Inserting a horizontal spacer in each part and insert the part name manually.
These two solutions are not viable as they create a big overhead when having a score with many instruments. I'd like to have a more generic option. Are there any style settings?

Thanks in advance.


There is an option in Format->Style under score, have a part selected it's called Hide instrument name if there is only 1 instrument. When you uncheck this you will be able to click Apply to all parts or OK to apply only to the current part.

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@ wulfheart, workaround (check if it works for you): Insert a horizontal frame;
Ctrl+T to insert instrument name;
Make them invisible on the main score.
The size of the frames should not propagate to the Parts

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