Export as (e.g.) mp3 WITH metronome

• Oct 9, 2020 - 09:50

Hi Peoples - as a chorister who prepares practice scores for my fellow singers - I would find it exceedingly useful were I able to export a Musescore transcript as (say) an mp3 but to PRESERVE the audible metronome option (as available in Playback Controls).
This would much assist improvement of choral singing under the present hassles as imposed by current circumstances.
Choirs cannot presently be as choirs; - we are reduced to session singers where individual voices have personal interpretation of t t t timing & sssssyncopation... surely the metronome click would achieve more togetherness of entryies, exits & sybilants etc. and such would by lost on the overdub & make the final interlace much more simple.
Thank you.


I do this all the time. Just add your own.
Press “I” and add an instrument. Choose non-pitched percusssion and find the sound you like. I think Clave Or woodblock works well. If you like you can even have a strong downbeat. Make the first note forte and the next piano.
Insert one or two measures for just the click (press insert in measure 1).
When you have your clicks entered for a measure or two select them And press “R” as many times as you need to get to the end. It takes me maybe 30 seconds to do all this.
One more thing, if you insert measures before the beginning, make sure to put the right tempo in the new first measure. If you don’t want to see the clave part in your score you can hit “I” again and untick the box for “visible” in that part.

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