Musescore quit scrolling during playback

• Oct 10, 2020 - 23:02

I'm currently using vers. I've been using Musescore several years and never had a problem such as this. After upgrading to 3.5.1 everything worked well for several weeks and then suddenly from one playback to the next, scrolling quit working during playback. It's been driving me crazy trying to find a solution. I've looked through the forums and I see that a number of people have had this problem in the past, but none of the solutions offered worked. I've tried with a number of different scores, no luck. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Musescore, no luck. I opened Musescore 2 (still on my computer) and ran some scores from the start center and they worked just fine. Tried the same score in Musescore 3.5.1 and no luck. I tried uninstalling and then erasing all the Musescore 3.5.1 files and then reinstalling, no luck, but for some reason the reinstall remembered me and presented my files in the start center. I'll upload a file if you want one, but they are all doing it. Please, HELP!!!!


When you use MuseScore, it creates files that keeps track of what you have been doing. They are placed in an obscure folder somewhere. It's in the handbook but it doesn't matter. These files are not deleted when you uninstall MuseScore. To reset these, use Help->Revert to Factory Settings and everything will be restored to MuseScore defaults.

One more thing, 3.5.1 was released about a day ago so you haven't been using that version for several weeks, I think you upgraded when you uninstalled and reinstalled.

There is a buttn on the toolbar to control where the score pans automatically or not (right next to the metronome). You must accidentally turned it off, so just turn it back on.

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